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Here you can find important documents and various pieces of work which I have created throughout my education in Master’s and Bachelor degrees. Also to view available examples of my websites please click here.

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[expand title=”Personal Documents” ]

Panayiotis Georgiou – Curriculum Vitae (CV)

British Computer Society – Associate Membership

KPMG IT Advisory internship – Reference Letter

KPMG certificate

BCS Presentation held at the University of Surrey, Professionalism in IT 24 May 2012


[expand title=”Postgraduate Thesis” targclass=”highlight”]

Title= “My phone’s not working! Understanding smart phone security risks and risk-mitigation strategies”

Supervisor= Dr. Paul Tennent

The project explores the potential for security risks in Android and iOS platforms. Those risks are increased as phones become increasingly programmable, for example the android behaves like a simple Linux computer. The project examine the current state of the art in understanding and mitigating security flaws and worked to find any gaps and developed strategies that can enforce the security of smart phones.


[expand title=”Undergraduate Dissertation” ]

Title= “Semi-fragile watermarking for law enforcement application”

Supervisor= Prof. Anthony TS Ho

During my third year of study at The University of Surrey I have developed a semi-fragile watermarking program for a law enforcement application. This program authenticates images and detects if any image was maliciously tampered with. The developed program was tested against a variety of tampering attacks and a result analysis study was constructed. Moreover, the project gave me the opportunity to extend my programming skills on JAVA and Matlab.


Previous Projects

Below you can have a look at previous projects when I studied my Master Degree Management of Information Technology from University of Nottingham and Bachelor Degree Computer Science from University of Surrey.


[expand title=”Google Applinventor Project – Ubiquitous Computing” targclass=”highlight”]

Google Appinventor Project

[issuu width=365 height=218 shareMenuEnabled=false printButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111028221329-7e9c4e9118fc4477a4dc28de3bf9a30f name=ubicompthorpepark username=bouzouksis1987 unit=px id=5b547d99-a9ea-f0db-5d84-49e13f5629e6 v=2] [/expand]

[expand title=”Human Computer Interaction Project – Cinema Website“]

[issuu width=880 height=389 printButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111028211207-33ba61d74a924c379efa9379c26c3b00 name=hci_report username=bouzouksis1987  unit=px id=850d675f-4569-b9db-3f6c-c4ac8adec972 v=2 ]


[expand title=”3D SOLAR SYSTEM – JAVA & OpenGL“]


[expand title=”Cryptography Project – Computer Security“]


An implementation of Caesar and Vigenere cipher with JAVA programming language.The action of a Caesar cipher is to replace each plaintext letter with one fixed number of places down the alphabet. This example is with a shift of three, so that a B in the plaintext becomes E in the ciphertext. The Vigenère cipher is a method of encrypting alphabetic text by using a series of different Caesar ciphers based on the letters of a keyword. It is a simple form of polyalphabetic substitution.[/expand]

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