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5 Beginner WordPress SEO Tasks

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In this post I will explain 5 Beginner WordPress SEO Tasks that any newbies bloggers should adapt. The simple truth is, if you’re using WordPress, you have certain advantages and tools you may or may not take advantage of.

Do these 5 things (and ask questions if you can’t) to make sure people start finding your blog through Google right away.

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5 Beginner WordPress SEO Tasks

Let’s get started.

1) Set Your WordPress Permalinks

Check out a more in depth post about WordPress permalinks here.

After you make a WordPress blog,

  • simply login
  • go to Settings > Permalinks and click Post Name
  • then at the bottom Save Changes.

Permalink settings page in WordPress

This will make sure the links to every blog post and page you publish are clear and simple for Google to understand. No nonsense or funny symbols aside from the “-” between words.

2) Make Sure Your Site is Allowing Search Engine Visibility

That is a must! 🙃  In order to let search engines to crawl your website.

  • simply login
  • Just go to Settings > Reading
  • make sure where it says Search Engine Visibility that box is not checked
  • then at the bottom Save Changes.


3) Yoast SEO Plugin installation

One of my best SEO plugins and free plugin as well.

Install it today, I definitely recommend it. 👍

Once you install the free plugin, a lot of good SEO things will start happening, like:

  1. Your site will now generate XML sitemaps (a map of your content) regularly and send them to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com and more.
  2. You’ll have an SEO dashboard below each blog post
  3. You can now control what posts, pages, categories and other information Google reads from your blog
  4. You can write what are called meta descriptions. These are just formal descriptions, aka you decide what they say instead of Google just grabbing random text from your site.

4) Write a Basic SEO Title and Meta Description for Your Homepage

Note: This tip is a big one. If you can do this you will definitely stand about among other new blogs in your niche, regardless of content.

  • With the Yoast SEO Plugin, you’ll have a new section in your sidebar that says SEO.
  • now click Titles & Metas > Homepage. In this section you can manage how your blog shows up on the front page of Google when people search for you.

5) Basic SEO Checklist for blog posts

Now that your blog is equipped with Yoast SEO each post will have the Yoast SEO section. For each new post you can edit the meta description, focus keyword and SEO title.

So, what would a good checklist to know if your blog post is SEO friendly enough look like?

  1. Add Meta Title and Description
  2. Pass Yoast Readability
  3. Make it good 😉

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Have you used the 5 Beginner WordPress SEO Tasks??

Let me know in the comments section below. 🙃



Are you learning SEO now on a new blog?

Expert with some good results you’re generous enough to share ?

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