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Chrome Dev Summit Extended UK 2020

The Web plays a special role here, and through Chrome Dev Summit Extended UK 2020 , we want to take a moment to allow web developers to come together, share their stories and acknowledge the latest in the platform and tools.

Track 1

– Web Stories – he “New” Visual Storytelling Format for the Web’ by Fellyph Cintra, Google Developer Expert for Web

– Custom ESLint Rules With Angular Schematics by Stanimira Vlaeva, Google Developer Expert for Web

– Chrome and the Web in 2021 and onwards! by Paul Kinlan, Lead for Chrome Developer Relations at Google. There will also be a Q&A with Paul after this talk.

Track 2

– Caring for the Web with Vigour (where the speaker covered Core Web VitalsWeb PerformanceLargest Contentful PaintCummulative Layout ShiftFirst Input Delay) by Saurabh Rajpal, Senior Web Ecosystem Consultant at Google

– Video Killed My Data Plan – Best practices for video optimization by Doug Sillars, Google Developer Expert on Web

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