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Create a widgetized footer for your wordpress theme


The footer for your wordpress theme is very important becasue if the page footer contains widgets then it is really easy for the reader to be interested and immediately see other post titles, comments, social media, etc.

I tried multiple examples and code to put things working and I concluded to the following and simpler method. In order to create a widgetized footer to your wordpress theme you can use the guide below.

Widgetized Footer Result

— Download the complete guid with source code —

STEP 1: You have to declare how many widget you want and call them “footer 1”, “footer 2” and “footer 3” .

Use your theme editor (I use notepad++) to locate and edit the code.

STEP 2: Locate and edit the code in footer.php code

Again using the theme editor, add this to your footer.php file

STEP 3: You have to  style the new footer div’s

Locate and add these div styles to your style.css file.

I hope that you find it easy, you have to adjust the style to your particular theme and requirements but that is exactly what I have done to my theme and you can see the result in the footer area.

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