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Cyprus Football Championship 2014-2015

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Cyprus Football Championship 2014-2015

Your number one on the go source for all Cyprus Football Championship fixtures 2014-2015 season.

The application is completely free and you can download it from Google Play Store today.

Api Support

The updated version supports Android phone 2.2 and above (personal suggestion Android Ice cream sandwich version will be great!). The reason for supporting this range is that statistically I have 13% devices using the application with android api 2.2-2.3 and it will be unfair for those devises not to update to the latest version.


Based on the feedback received from last season I haven’t change dramatically the user interface. To be honest my average rating on Google Play store  is  4.11, not bad for the first year running the application.


Additional fixes on the updated version is the support of 7 and 10 inch tablets. Also, I have test bit more the notifications functionality and made some additional fixes on the back-end.


The updated version have been tested on HTC wildfire smartphone that supports 2.2 Android in order to analyse the behaviour of app. Also it has been tested on Google Nexus 4 that supports Android 4.4 (KitKat).

Data Disclaimer:

The data source for the application is provided by the official Cyprus Football Association (CFA) website. The application is built purely for educational reasons and is non-profit.

Last words

Special thanks for the the people that support me and gave me  feedback (good or bad) over the last year, much appreciated!! If you have any ideas, suggestions or any sort of problem with the application  do not hesitate to send me an email.

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