DevIT conference 2017

Thessaloniki will host DevIT conference 2017  from 20-21 May 2017. A two-day event with top-tier speakers and interesting workshops covering the trends on Frontend, Backend, DevOps and Mobile. During the week we planned plenty of smaller events and meetups.


What is DevIT?

DEVit Conference is a 360° web development gathering that takes developers out of their comfort zone. 23 internationally acclaimed speakers will gladly share their knowledge and development techniques with us.

During the 1st day 10 speakers will deliver 9 cutting-edge talks while on the 2nd, 15 hands-on workshops for developers of any skill level will be available.

DevIT Promo video

DevIT conference 2017

Conference details

Start:20 May 2017

End:21 May 2017

Website Conference

Venue: Royal Theatre

If you can’t attend don’t worry I have you covered.

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