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The First Principles of Growth

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Rules of growth are not negotiable, they are deeply rooted in physics and psychology. Physics teaches us that the faster thing moves (or grows) the more energy it needs.

Moreover the faster it moves the more resistance it gets. There is no substitute for energy, if you want to grow you need a lot of it. Psychologically humans are designed for linear growth.

We are not set to deal with exponential growth, actually it freaks us out, not because it is bad but because we cannot grasp it. Therefore we create processes and mental maps that stops anything that can grow faster than we collectively want to.

Sometimes it is good, and it works well in most humans lives, however the very same psychological traits push us to stop or hinder growth.
We are afraid of change. We are more afraid to lose a little rather than to be optimistic about gaining a lot. Those are traits that all humans share, and even if you are an individual that is more optimistic, is comfortable with less control and is set for growth, you will still need to work with people who are not.

Using google’s latest growth engine team as an example we show how rules of physics and psychology manifest themselves in business environment. How we overcome them to boost growth and how you can do the same in your organizations.

Instilling energy in your teams, while reducing outside resistance. Using initial velocity to scale faster. Dealing with your own fear of losing control. Setting up growth culture and helping your team deal with linear growth maps of people outside of your organization. Like with physics and psychology if you understand principles you can apply them to anything.

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