Google Analytics uses which model by default when attributing conversion values in non-Multi-Channel Funnel reports?

  • First Interaction model
  • Last Interaction model
  • Last Non-Direct Click model
  • Linear model

Correct answer is:

  • Last Non-Direct Click model.

Explanation: The Last Non-Direct Click model ignores direct traffic and attributes 100% of the conversion value to the last channel that the customer clicked through from before buying or converting. Analytics uses this model by default when attributing conversion value in non-Multi-Channel Funnels reports.

When it’s useful:

Because the Last Non-Direct Click model is the default model used for non-Multi-Channel Funnels reports, it provides a useful benchmark to compare with results from other models.

In addition, if you consider direct traffic to be from customers who have already been won through a different channel, then you may wish to filter out direct traffic and focus on the last marketing activity before conversion.

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