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Google Search for Developers (100 Days of Google Dev)

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Vivian Lum provides an update on new features available on Google Search for Developers that can help developers grow their userbase and get more engaged users. 2 simple steps to follow are:

Get found on Google — Developers can integrate with App Indexing to get their app content found on Google, whether they have developed on Android or iOS. If they have a mobile website, they can optimize and make it Mobile-friendly by following our updated webmaster guidelines.

Promote content and capabilities of your site and/or app — Developers can declare capabilities of their apps to Google through a variety of annotations. For example, Watch Action allows TV publishers to declare streamable content to Google, so Google can in turn help users discover and consume the content from their apps. With Voice Messaging API, users can activate an app’s messaging capability with voice, and interact with the app through the app’s integration with Voice Interaction API.

100 Days of Google Dev / 100 developer videos over 100 days / #GoogleDev100

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