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How to avoid getting a copyright strike?

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Getting a copyright strike can be devastating for your channel. It can bring up a lot of issues, or even get your channel permanently deleted. Here are a few tips on how to avoid getting a copyright strike:

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Ask for permission
The very first thing that you should try to do in order to avoid a copyright strike is to contact the creator of the content and ask their permission to use it. It might be a bit tricky to find an effective way to contact them, however, it will help you avoid a copyright strike that could potentially ruin your channel.

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Add a disclaimer
If the search for the creator of the content that you are using in your video is fruitless, and if you still decide to use their content, add a disclaimer to your video. Make it clear that the content that you are using is not yours, and add the name of the creator. That way, they get exposure and you can avoid a copyright strike.

Use creative commons
If you want to be absolutely sure that you won’t get a copyright strike, then you can choose to use content from creative commons. There are a ton of websites that offer free copyright images, animations, music and sound effects out there. Do a little research, and never worry about copyright strikes again!

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