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jsday 2020 Postponed

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jsday 2020 has been postponed to Thursday September 10th and Friday September 11th 2020 due to to the coronavirus – covid-19. Check out below for more information regarding the decision.


Message from the organisers

This decision is related to the coronavirus – covid-19 outbreak, and these are the factors we took into account. 

The virus is still spreading, not only in Italy. Even if we think (and hope!) that the situation will probably stabilise in two months from now, we still prefer to make the most responsible and precautionary choice. What the local and sanitary authorities are asking everyone, is to help contain the spread of the virus, trying to limit travels and gatherings of people. 

We believe that a conference like jsday should be a chance for people to meet and enjoy, learn from one another, share ideas and experiences. We are afraid that the concerns about coronavirus could affect the general atmosphere and the event experience.

Many countries are limiting the connections with Italy, and that would make difficult for both speakers and attendees to take part at the event. 

We preferred to reschedule as in advance as possible, in order to enable all the people involved to change their travel plans (if already done) or to not make them. 

Despite the inconvenience that the postponement of the conference may cause, we believe it is the right thing to do.

Thanks for your comprehension! 

The GrUSP staff


Hotel San Marco
Via Baldassarre Longhena, 42
37138 Verona

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