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Maysson Ltd – Latest Project

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On the first meeting with the owner of the website I was surprised about the complexity of purchasing even a single item. That solve the myth why no purchases of the online shop the past year? Too many clicks.. Moreover, the mission was clear to me that, the new shop should be more user centric and purchases should be performed easily and smoothly.

Objective No.1 Backup & Restore content

Backup the existing products inventory images, links, descriptions and content of the existing site. While saving the existing content I mad my mind about the structure of the new e-shop that I wanted to propose to the owner.  Under construction page already up and running!

Objective No.2 Migration process

The migration process was crucial, as I needed to ensure that the same pages, links have been the same to the new platform and then make the changes to any of them or even combing and deleting unnecessary content. Almost forgot DNS record changes to  the new platform endpoints really important, 24 hours in order to pick the DNS propogation

Objective No.3 New Platform 

The new platform documentation was really useful for me to understand the procedures that I needed to develop and test. I have even produce a basic purchase pilot to check the capabilities of the new platform.

Objective No.4 Inventory Management 

Managing the inventory was complex as I have to figure out how to group the products, taxonomies and tags in order to easily use them not for just the relaunch but also for future collections. Here an extra call to the owner was  really helpful as we collaborate and planned everything perfectly.

Objective No.5 Design and Development

From the initial design I had clear in my mind that I wanted a minimal design as the most important thing for hte owner was to customer centric approach to purchase products easily.


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