The post is about a simple image watermark program that I have developed in JAVA swing environment. In order to make it more user friendly I have used the Jfilechooser rather than just outputting the result in the java console. The filechooser help the user to input the image and the watermark text directly without opening either Netbeans or eclipse. The image below shows the final result after the image is watermarked. The watermark is placed in the center of the image and is lightly visible so that doesn’t affect the quality of the image.

Watermarked Image

Watermarked Image – click image to zoom in

    Click continue reading for download link and instructions how to use it.

Steps to follow:

1. Just Double click the Simple Watermark program to open

2. Select your original photo

3. Input your watermark text which will be placed on the center of the image

4. Save the new watermarked image