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Symfony Live London 2015

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IMAG0531Last Friday 18/09/2015 Symfony Live London 2015 took place at the QEII Conference Centre, close to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. The attendees had the chance to learn through different tracks, network, meet with the event sponsors and learn further about the future plans of Symfony framework.

Here are the highlights that deserve your attention.

The event kicked off with an inspiring and perfect keynote by Seb Lee-Delisle. It was really inspiring of what Seb did with particles, Lunar Trails, Cluppy bird and the laser’s projects.


Building a Pyramid: Symfony Testing Strategies
Ciaran McNulty

The last few years have seen a huge adoption of testing practices, and an explosion of different testing tools, in the PHP space. The difficulties come when we have to choose which tools to use, in what combinations, and how to apply them to existing codebases.

The talk look at what tools are available, what their strengths are, how to decide which set of tools to use for new or legacy projects, and when to prioritise decoupling and testability over the convenience we get from our frameworks.


Puli: PHP’s Next Package Revolution
Bernhard SchussekSlides

Puli, a new PHP toolkit, is a step to make this possible. With Puli, Composer packages become “intelligent”. Enable any package in any project (Plug ‘n Play) simply by running “composer install” – independent of your framework. Are you ready for the future of PHP?


Doctrine 2: To Use Or Not To Use
Benjamin EberleiSlides

Using Doctrine 2 can be a very rewarding experience, extremely frustrating or anything in between. To be a happy Doctrine 2 user requires attention and willingness to compromise. The talk show how to use Doctrine defensively, common pitfalls that hurt maintainability and when to avoid Doctrine altogether.


Hexagonal architecture – message-oriented software design
Matthias NobackSlides

Commands, events, queries – three types of messages that travel through your application. Some originate from the web, some from the command-line. Your application sends some of them to a database, or a message queue. What is the ideal infrastructure for an application to support this on-going stream of messages? What kind of architectural design fits best?


Real-time Web Apps & Symfony. What are your options?
Phil LeggetterSlides

Real-time is becoming the life blood of applications. Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Google Docs and many more apps have increased user expectation to demand real-time features. Features such as Notifications, activity streams, real-time data visualisations, chat or collaborative experiences instantly keep users up to date and enable them to work much more effectively. So, how do you build these sorts of features with Symfony?



Fabien Potencier

Enter Blackfire. Blackfire is a PHP profiler that simplifies the profiling of an app as much as possible.


The Path to Symfony 3.0
Fabien Potencier

This session Fabien share his vision for Symfony 3.0 – from conception to launch and implementation, you’ll get the ins and outs straight from Symfony’s founder himself.

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