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Triple DES (Cryptography)

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In cryptography Triple DES stands for Triple Data Encryption Algorithm block cipher, which applies the Data Encryption Standard (DES) cipher algorithm three times to each block. The original DES algorithm consists of a 56 bits key size but  the availability of increasing computational power made brute-force attacks feasible. Consequently the use of Triple DES provides a relatively simple method increasing the key size of DES to protect against brute force attacks, without the need to design a completely block cipher algorithm.

In general, Triple DES with three independent keys has key length of 168 bits (3x 56 bit DES keys), but due to the meet in the middle attack the effective security it provides is only 112 bits.

Below is the JAVA representation of the Triple DES algorithm.

Also Java crypto and swing libraries have been used.

Download the java code of the tripledes here

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