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3 YouTube Tips to help you get more views and subscribers

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As one of the largest social media sites, YouTube has a lot of competition. If you want to grow your channel, then you have to learn some tips and tricks along the way. Here are 3 YouTube Tips to help you get more views and subscribers:

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When you want to improve your rankings, you have to do a little SEO to
your videos. It’s not very complicated but it can help you so much in getting a better rank. Here is how to tag your videos for SEO:

Add subscribe watermark
You can use your channel menu provided on the left side of the YouTube site to add a branded watermark to your videos. That way, when a user clicks on the watermark they can subscribe to your channel easily. Besides that, adding a watermark will help you to visually brand your videos.

Use your blog to boost YouTube views
If you have an online business you probably have a blog. Your blog is very important because it is as a central hub. You can use your blog to share your videos and provide more context for them.

Use SEO 
When it comes to YouTube, the best way that you can boost views and get more subscribers is by improving your ranking. Using SEO to your advantage will help you to get more views and reach a wider audience.


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