It took me some time to figure how to integrate Google Maps inside my first Android application. Hopefully this post will explain the procedure and spare you some time.

The first thing you need is to locate a file called  debug.keystore.

This file on Windows is located at C:\Documents and Settings\User\.android.

If you use a Mac or Linux OS, I’ve discovered that you’ll find the debug.keystore file at: ~/.android/.

The debug.keystore contains a digitial certificate that android uses to launch applications. The certificate is called ‘androiddebugkey’.  We’ll need to get some an MD5 hash for this certificate in order register for our map api key.

Hopefully you’ve located the debug.keystore file, so now we’ll use Java’s keytool utility to get the MD5:

  1. Navigate to the proper directory by opening a command prompt and typing:

cd C:\Documents and Settings\User\.android

  1. Once you’ve navigated to the proper directory for your os, type this in…

keytool –help

  1. We will use the following command:

Keytool –genkeypair

Insert the appropriate details and once you completed , you’ll see something like this (the actual MD5 that we’re interested in is the last line):

androiddebugkey, mykey, 05-Jun-2013, PrivateKeyEntry,

Certificate fingerprint (MD5):