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Android Studio: How to change the SDK path

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Here’s how you can change the android sdk path in Android studio:

  1. Open your required android project in Android studio
  2. Click on the main project folder and press F4
  3. Now click on “SDKs” under Platform Settings (Left hand side of the dialog box)
  4. You should now see a plus sign on the top, click it and choose “Android SDK”
  5. Now you would be asked to choose the required SDK folder
  6. Select the required build target(if necessary) and click “ok”
  7. Now you should see the new entry in the list of SDKs
  8. Click “Modules” under Project Settings
  9. Select your project folder and in the Dropdown for “Module SDK”, select the new SDK entry and click “apply”
  10. Now click “OK” and your done.

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