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Android Studio Update 0.3.6 Mac problems

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Yesterday, I have updated my Android studio to the latest release canary build: 0.3.6 on my MacBook. On Windows 7  it was straight forward operation because it automatically download the build and install it, but complete different story on Mac. The post will share some Mac problems occurred and what steps you need follow in order to fix them. 

Installation goes first

You need to download the updated canary build manually from android official studio location, then extract  build to applications. After opening the new Android build all of my projects had the same problem. The reason causing all of the problems was the JDK, Android Studio couldn’t find the location. When I click to see the automatic fix it asks me to setup jdk.android-studio

After selecting Setup JDK the following screen appears:


Whatever I choose, nothing happens. Everything stays red, and if I click again it still says setup jdk.

 How to fix the problem:

  1. After you download and extract the files you need to movethe SDK from the previous version inside the latest build.
  2. If still it can’t find JDK select 1.6 and then go File –> Invalidate caches / restart
  3. Any SDK problem on Mac you visit a previous post here
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