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BePrepared SpaceApps Challenge 2016

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BePrepared is a project developed for the International SpaceApps challenge on the weekend 16-17 April 2016. SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program. The application is a simple web-application to warn you, before you even set foot in the airport, of any inconvenient delays that you might encounter.


Truth be told, 69% of delays are caused by weather conditions

Don’t you hate it when you arrive at the airport, ready to get on the plane to your location… and you get notified that the flight has been delayed? We hate that too!


Allow us to make your life a little bit easier…

The solution we proposed is a web based application.

You go to the website… You enter your location, say for example Limassol, and the wizard behind the scenes will swing his wand and fetch you some information about the area, like weather conditions, and based on those conditions, it will calculate the probability of a potential delay.


This project is solving the Clear for Take Of

You can find the source code on my github account here

Demo – Github



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