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ESA Space App Camp 2019

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For the 8th time, the European Space Agency (ESA) invited 24 developers to its ESA’s Earth observation centre in Frascati, Italy and I was lucky enough to be one of them. ESA Space App Camp 2019 offers access to the latest space data to app developers, who work in project teams to make the information accessible to a broad audience.

To begin with I would like to express my appreciation to the organisers AZO Team (huge thanks to Max) and ESA for the opportunity that they gave me to participate in ESA Space App camp 2019. Officially that made me the first participant from Cyprus since the app camp started from 2012 🙂
(just saying!)

I have to say that the app camp was one of the toughest technical challenges so far but it was fun and I really enjoyed it. It was challenging technically enough because I didn’t have any previous experience on satellite data.

ESA Space App Camp 2019

Mission 🛰

The goal was to come up with some innovative and off the beaten track ideas for apps using Earth-monitoring data – particularly from the European Copernicus programme – and make satellite information accessible to the everyday user through smartphones. I had the opportunity to work in the “Smart Cities” team and apply my knowledge on developing a Land monitoring system. My initial idea was to create coastline erosion detection system that will notify everyday users about the condition of erosions. Since we were limited with ground data from the satellites and we were limited with resources on this field we focused on our topic “Smart Cities” and we have created EyeRes.

Team 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

EyeRes would have not been developed in ESA’s space app camp without my super cool team mates (Adam, Martin and Tereza) that I have the honour to worked over the last week. Grazie Mille!🙂
Another post will be posted soon with more information about the project.

Future Tips for next participants 💯

My survive guide for the next ESA app camp participants:
1) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and be grateful for your selection you are already a winner 🍾
2) Have fun, more fun and more fun!! You will remember it for ever ⏳
3) Smile 🙂 despite the up’s and down’s of the app camp
4) Mix and match with the rest of the teams, 👨‍🚀👩🏻‍🚀don’t forget you all experiencing the same frustration, joy and laughs. Therefore support each other and have a drink after a long day.
5) Learn as much you can, make questions and create something super cool like EYERES 👀. If you are motivated then you go out of your comfort zone and that make your team shine.

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That’s it for now. 😉

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