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Google io18 Best Parts

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Here’s All You Need To Know regarding this year’s annual developers conference Google IO18. The keynote addressed major announcements such as the upgrades to its Google Assistant, Android, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Here are the Google io18 Best Parts.

Google Assistant

The Assistant is currently available in over 500 million devices. The Assistant will also be able to support 30 languages in 80 countries by the end of this year. Users can avoid using ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’ and use the command, in the beginning, ask multiple questions within the same request. Moreover, Google brought in American singer John Legend in order to get the accents and language right for users all over the world.

Android P

Google finally revealed Android P and beta is available now along with some new features. AI is a huge part of the operating system such as AI driven auto brightness, Adaptive Brightness and Battery Optimisation. The new operating system also incorporates new system navigation for multitasking and one handed use, using gestures and vertical controls.


The GBoard with Morse Code feature allows people with disability to use the application freely, thereby communicating easily.


After completely redesigning the Google email system, google added a new feature called Autocompose to the email system.

Google Photos

Making the app more user friendly, Google added a new feature called App Actions to the photos app which suggests smart actions. Google photos can also convert documents to PDF format. The AI system can perform actions like sharing the images with people in the photos and editing images to make them look better with just one click.

Google Duplex – powered by the Google Assistant and can make robocalls for everyday tasks like scheduling a hair appointment or making a restaurant reservation. Integrated with AI and ML, Duplex can carry a conversation like a human and adapt to the conversation

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