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How to convert an object to an array of objects in Javascript?

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You may be asking why, the answer is actually quite simple. In programming we are not always in control of the format in which our data is delivered to us. With this in mind it becomes important to understand how to convert our data into our desired format. Check out, How to convert an object to an array of objects in Javascript?


Using newer Javascript features there is an easy one liner that can achieve this result using Object.values().

const profileObj = {
  first: 'Panayiotis',
  last: 'Georgiou',
  links: {
      twitter: 'https://twitter.com/panay_georgiou',
      facebook: 'https://facebook.com/panayiotisgeorgiou.net',
      cv: 'https://www.panayiotisgeorgiou.com',
      blog: 'http://www.panayiotisgeorgiou.net',

const profileArray = Object.values(profileObj);

You can use this if you are using babel but if not I will show you below how you can do this in a more widely supported manner with Object.keys().

const profileArray = Object.keys(profileObj).map(i =>profileObj[i])

This second method is quite well supported. Check out both Object Values and Object Keys MDN documentation to learn where you may have issues with support and for more info on these features.

As a note, if you prefer a key valued pair check out Object Entries.

That’s it for now.

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