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Kali Basic Commands

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File Operations commands

  • pwd              Print Name Of Current/Working Directory
  • cd                 Changing The Working Directory
  • cp                 Copy Files Or Directory
  • rm                 Remove Files And Directory
  • ls                   List Of Directory Contents
  • mkdir             Make Directory
  • cat                 Concatenate Files And Print On Standard Output
  • mv                 Move Files
  • chmod           Change Files Permissions

System commands

  • uname            Print System Information
  • who               Show Who Is Logged On
  • cal                 Displays Calculator
  • date               Print System Date And Time
  • df                   Report File System Disk Space Usage
  • du                  Estimate File Space Usage
  • ps                  Displays Information Of Current Active Processes
  • kill                 Allows To Kills Process
  • clear              Clear The Terminal Screen
  • cat /proc/cpuinfo      Cpuinfo Display CPU Information
  • cat /proc/meminfo    Display Memory Information

Compression commands

  • tar                To Store And Extract Files From An Archive File Known As Tar File
  • gzip              Compress Or Decompress Named Files

Network commands

  • ipconfig          To Config Network Interface
  • ping               Check The Other System Are Reachable From The Host System
  • wget              Download Files From Network
  • ssh                Remote Login Program
  • ftp                 Download/Upload Files From/To Remote System
  • last                Displays List Of Last Logged In User
  • telnet             Used To Communicate With Another Host Using THe Telnet Protocol

Search commands

  • grep              Search Files(s) For Specific Text
  • find               Search For Files In A Directory Hierarchy
  • locate            Find Files By Name

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