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Masque Attack — New iOS Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Replace Apps with Malware

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Apple devices running iOS are long considered more safe from hackers than devices running OS like Microsoft’s Windows and Google’s Android, but iOS have now become more common targets for cybercriminals.
In order to avoid falling victim to Masque Attack, users can follow some simple steps given below:
  • Do not download any apps offer to you via email, text messages, or web links.
  • Don’t install apps offered on pop-ups from third-party websites.
  • If iOS alerts a user about an “Untrusted App Developer,” click “Don’t Trust” on the alert and immediately uninstall the application.
In short, a simple way to safeguard your devices from these kind of threats is to avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources, and only download apps directly from the App Store.


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