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Parse Is Shutting Down-What to do next?

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As you may have heard, Parse announced that it is shutting down. Things are moving fast in the Parse Server world, and Parse have announced guides for setting up a Parse Server on Heroku and AWS. Remember that Parse is not shutting down until January 2017.

Parse Server Setup Instructions

The guides are at:

Heroku: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/deploying-a-parse-server-to-heroku

AWS: http://mobile.awsblog.com/post/TxCD57GZLM2JR/How-to-set-up-Parse-Server-on-AWS-using-AWS-Elastic-Beanstalk

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  2. Clark Thomas says

    Hi, I’m a developer and used to Parse.com. When I knew it would shut down, I began to look for alternatives and found http://www.back4app.com. I’m happy with my choice, there are several tools that serves me, and best of all, I managed to migrate my project in just 5 minutes!

    1. Admin says

      Hi Clark,

      Thanks for sharing!


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