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SHIFT DEV 2019 – Day 1 Recap

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It was a long day so this is what happened in Shift Dev 2019.
The recap Day 1!

  • Day started off with Boyd Multerer from Xbox Live and his talk about game console security and implications on general computing, followed by Rich Harris from The New York Timeswho gave you some insights on how you can make your apps smaller and faster than they have ever been.
  • Joining us after that was Enkelejd Zotaj from Raiffeisen bank who talked about legacy, open source, microservices and fast data architecture. After the lunch, Willian Martins from eBaytaught beginners how to build custom iterable objects in a bunch of different ways and challenged more experienced ones to go an extra mile and experiment neat tricks.
  • Tiffany Tse from Shopify shared her thoughts on building systems for accessibility. Dominik Periskic & Vjekoslav Aleksic from HT talked about their experience of changing their microservice architecture to DPS and HAL.
  • After that, a wizard came up on the stage, Richard Harris from CSS Wizardry, and told you more about resource hints. Michal Sänger from Kiwi.com shared his progress with cross platform UI on their open source project Margarita.
  • When it came to designing API and choosing between REST, gRPC and GraphQL, Cedrick Lunven from DataStax chimed in. Mugdha Lakani from Google questioned your app readiness for low network speeds and lie-fi, but ultimately showed you how you can do it as well.
  • And the last speaker (but not least) was DeVaris Brown from Heroku who went over some of the best practices to help you build a strategy and execution playbook that helps your team deliver features and continuously delights your customers.

All of this was a lot to take in, so off to the afterparty with some drinks and music. Afterparty powered by PSK will be held at Fabrique pub!

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