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SHIFT DEV 2019 – Day 2 Recap

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It was a long second day so this is what happened in Shift Dev 2019.
Shift Dev Day 2 fulfilled with inspiring talks about the newest trends in the development world. Let’s look back at what happened.

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First on the line was Mete Atamel from Google who showed you how to use Knative primitives to build a serverless app that utilizes the Machine Learning magic of the cloud. Felix Rieseberg from Slack joined after that and talked about TypeScript and how he learned to love the compiler.

Kalyan Dikshit from Mozilla shared his vision on building better voice assistants for everyone with his project Voice. After lunch, Sebastien Stormacq from Amazon Web Services got up on the stage to talk about continuous Integration and continuous delivery of your serverless apps.

Petar Dučić from Infobip talked about how you can be an inefficient developer with some insights to help you rationalize your practices so you can stay mediocre forever or, hopefully, change that. After him, the stage light was focused on Tobias Ahlin from Minecraft who shared his thoughts on the past, present and future of Open Source databases.

With machine learning coming up everywhere lately, Slater Victoroff from Indico datadecided it’s time to share a way how you can do it with less data. Following him, Ivan Delicfrom Oracle talked about how you can run your programs faster anywhere.

Yolanda Robla from Red Hat discussed deploying Kubernets on bare metal and Bruno Šimićfrom Couchbase taught you how to think big and fast when it comes to selecting a future-proof database.

Both days are over, but we’re not done yet. 🙂 We are preparing for the afterparty on Roof 68.

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