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WordPress Link front-page image to their post url

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This post simply shows how you can link the front-page wordpress images to their post url.

You need to copy & paste the following code inside theme functions.php

add_filter('the_content', 'link_images_to_post');
function link_images_to_post($text){
$upload_dir = wp_upload_dir();
$upload_url = preg_quote($upload_dir['baseurl'], '/');
global $post;
return $text;
// here starts the regex craziness!!
if(preg_match('/<a(.*?)href="'.$upload_url.'(.*?)"(.*?)><img(.*?)src="'.$upload_url.'(.*?)"(.*?)></a>/', $text)){
//there is a linked image attachement in the post_content
$patterns = array(
$replacements = array(
'<a1href="' . get_permalink($post->ID) . '"3><img4src="'.$upload_dir['baseurl'].'5"6>'
$text = preg_replace($patterns,$replacements,$text);
return $text;

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