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DevParty – UK & Ireland

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GDG UK and Ireland are very excited to host DevParty today from 4:30 to 7:15pm (GMT+1), an online event which offers interactive talks from experts in a range of fields, and provides a great chance to connect with other developers from all across the UK and Ireland!

The event is split in 4 tracks: Mobile, Cloud, Machine Learning and Ethics & Diversity.

Make sure you are registered -> it’s Free!

Mobile Track

4:45 pm – Devops-ify your life with Github Actions – Nicola Corti

5:30 pm – Rapid prototyping with Flutter and Firebase – Paul Ruiz

6:15 pm – Exoplayer “2” the Rescue – Stacy Devino

Machine Learning track

4:45 pm – Machine Learning & Google Cloud – Marc Cohen

5:30 pm – Productionising Machine Learning – Dr Larissa Suzuki

6:15 pm – Machine Learning for Developers: A practical approach – Sergii Khomenko

Ethics & Diversity track

4:45 pm – Diversity matters, or Why your build fails – Emma Haruka Iwao

5:30 pm – A Technologist’s Introduction to Epistemic Injustice – Cat Swetel

6:15 pm – Public As Programmer: Participatory Design and ML Ethics – Christine Meinders

Cloud track

4:45 pm – Google Cloud Storage options with demos – Swapnil Parashar

5:30 pm – Serverless Cloud Computing: Technical Architecture and Real-life Use Cases – Martin Omander

6:15 pm – Identity Platform – Jen Person

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