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Introduction to Android Auto

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Timothy Jordan Introduces Android Auto. Android Auto brings the Android platform to the car in a way that’s optimized for the driving experience. It’s the same Google platform you already use for phones, tablets, televisions, watches, and more. In fact, all these experiences will often be in the same APK. But now, your app can also extend to the car in a way that’s safer and more efficient for the driver. So drivers can stay connected with their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

Using Android Auto is easy. Users go to the Google Play store and download apps that support Android Auto onto their phone.. When they connect their phone to the car, the phone goes into car mode and casts the Android Auto experience to the car’s screen. This means that although all the apps and services are actually running on the phone, they’re displayed in the car’s dash. Users interact with them using the vehicle’s controls such as a built-in touchscreen and microphone.

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