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Reactive Conference Workshops

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It’s time to get ready 🇨🇿😉All you need to join is your ReactiveConf ticket. It’s that simple! This year, the registration process for all Reactive Conference Workshops opened on 3rd of October 2018. Some of the workshops were sold out immediately but there are some remaining seats left, so check them out now.


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Reactive Conference Workshops breakdown

Roman Liutikov — Introduction to ClojureScript

Duration: 4 hours

ClojureScript is a compiler for Clojure language that targets JavaScript. It is a modern Lisp with strong emphasis on pragmatic functional programming. ClojureScript favors immutability and simplicity, it proved that React is actually faster with immutable data structures. Today the language is being heavily used for building UIs with React that runs on the web and mobile, with React Native, as well as backend services with Node and JVM. This workshop covers basics of the language through a set of lectures and exercises. We are going to explore ClojureScript’s idioms, learn syntax, data structures, standard library of the language and see how it is used to model UIs. Read More

Sean Grove — Reason DOJO: React and GraphQL

Duration: 3 hours30mins

Let’s build a small ReasonReact app from the ground up that will read/write with real-world GraphQL APIs.

We’ll start from the basics, going over built in Reason data structures, syntax, libraries, editor/compiler tooling, and continue our way up into ReasonReact JSX, Javascript interop, and typed GraphQL support. Read More

Reason DOJO: Cross-platform Games in Reprocessing

Duration: 3 hours30mins

Reason is already a fun language to work with, but what if we could build fun things while having fun building those fun things? Reprocessing is a graphics library and run-time for Reason that lets you iterate incredibly quickly – hit save, and your game instantly updates.

We’ll start from the basics, going over built in Reason data structures, syntax, libraries, editor/compiler tooling, and continue our way up into drawing graphics with Reprocessing, handling user input, animation, and compiling for both desktop and web targets. Let’s build Frogger!
Read More

Simplify your data processing with BakeryJS

Duration: 3 hours

BakeryJS is a lightweight Node.js framework you can use to handle common data processing needs. It integrates easily with existing code and it is simpler to deploy and manage than big data solutions, like Apache NiFi, Hadoop, or Apache Spark. BakeryJS also provides extensible support for monitoring, debugging and tracing in production. Read More

How to build cross platform desktop apps with React and Electron

Duration: 2 hours

If you can build an interactive UI with react, you can build a desktop app. Electron is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Come and learn how to build your own desktop app with React and Electron, one step at a time. Read More

Useful links

WebSite: https://reactiveconf.com/

Tickets: https://reactiveconf.com/#tickets


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