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System process monitoring with Htop on Ubuntu 14.10

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This article deals with system process and resource allocation monitoring. Htop is external tools available for various Linux packages. For demonstration i am using Ubuntu 14.10. It’s very handy to get information regarding web servers metrics and Htop is the tool that sysadmin looking for to monitor several processes.


Installation part is very easy. Open up your terminal and executes following command.
For ubuntu and debian packages:

sudo apt-get install htop

For CentOS/Fedora/Red hat enterprise packages:

sudo yum install htop

Once installation is over, just type htop in terminal and you should see following screen.


Using Htop

Default configuration of htop shows resource utilisation ( uses of Ram etc ) on top-left and list of all process on bottom.

F2 – change the screen layouts according to your need

F3 – search in the system process and gives you most relevant result. Filter is one of the feature which i use a lot. You can filter whole process list according to your need.

F5 – Tree view process used to run in dependency and also there are some threads which run inside process.

F7 or F8 prfioritize process

F9 – navigate through processes by arrow keys and best part is you can even kill the process and its tree

F10 – close the application


Htop is really one of the best and helpful tool. If you deal with Linux and find Top really annoying to search and kill processes then Htop is the tool you must give a try.

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