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Android O Preview

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Happy Friyay! everything you need to know about Android O Preview is here.

Android O Preview has been designed to extend battery life and let users perform multiple tasks at once, the developer preview reveals.

Android O Preview


Every 0year before the annual conference Google I / O, developers are the the first to try the new Preview version of Android O. The new version is available through Android Beta Program, but is intended for developers. You can download the Android O preview here.

The expectations are high for the new Android features and improvements. So, the questions is what google have added to this new version? Here are the new features:

  1. Support Wi-Fi Aware protocol for communication between devices without requiring an Internet connection
  2. Better control of activities in the background (background) to save data and physical battery
  3. New form of autocomplete data to develop their applications
  4. Support Picture-in-Picture mode
  5. Multi-monitor support (multi-display)
  6. New alerts enable categorisation, selection and deferral for a period of time (snooze) to receive notifications for each application
  7. Set of color applications
  8. The collaboration with Sony to support Bluetooth LDAC audio codecs and apt animation capability to integrate icons and system applications (Adaptive Images)
  9. New ConnectionService API for communication between third-party applications with different user interface systems such as Android Auto



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