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Github Actions

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GitHub has announced a new feature called GitHub Actions. The purpose of this feature intends to reduce the steps needed for code executions and kind of automate the development workflow.

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GitHub, is a web-based service for hosting open-source projects using Git.  Github Actions feature cuts down on the steps developers need to take when running code, such as installing software files and testing the code.

How does Github Actions works?

Users can build, package, release, update, and deploy their project, all on the GitHub site. They can achieve this by clicking on “Workflow”.

Github Actions

Each step that developers need to take for this workflow is called an “action”.

The person creating the workflow can then commit it to the project.

Once users create a pull request, or take the code for modifying, the packages will be automatically installed and tested for users when they run this workflow.

With GitHub Actions, users can also publish and send alerts every time there’s a new release and deploy production-ready code.

The best part about Github Actions is that it can be used in any language.

You can check out the complete steps on Github Actions Page.

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