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Best of Best posts 2017

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Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support on the blog over the past years of our existence. This article we will look back at 2017 to highlight the best of best posts of 2017.

2017 Recap

2017 has been an amazing year for me both personally and professionally. The website set new traffic records and saw significant growth. In last year’s recap,  I set a goal that I wanted to created more tutorials and launch my youtube channel.  I am proud that started creating videos for the website and I will be putting even more focus on videos in 2018. If you haven’t done so already, I would really appreciate it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, so we can reach the 1,000 subscriber mark in 2018.

Now let’s take a look at the best of posts in 2017.

Best of Best posts 2017

We wrote many helpful tutorials through out 2017. Here are some of our favourites.



SEO Friendly URL Structure – this article, we explain WordPress SEO friendly URLs, and how you can customize your WordPress permalinks.

Android start activity once notification clicked – the post demonstrated how we can pass intent to start activity to notification, to start activity once user click on the notification.

Android Navigation Drawer Example – in this tutorial we implemented a Navigation Drawer in our android application.

Android Switching Between Activities – Example – this tutorial, we learned how to create a basic Android application and move from one screen to another.

MySQL Database won't start in XAMPP Manager-osx


10 Tips To Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach – Frustrated with your Facebook organic reach?

How to add delete change user password Kali Linux – Linux is all about of terminal, so in this article, we will use CLI to add delete and change password for the user in Ubuntu.

Error running app Instant Run requires Enable ADB integration – check the solution

Reset Macbook Password in macOS Sierra – Simply follow this guide to reset MacbookAir/Pro password in macOS Sierra and add an extra layer of protection on your Macbook.

How to get organic traffic from google


Enable Developer Options on Android device – Let’s quickly look at the video how to enable Developer Options

Common WordPress mistakes – use this guide to avoid the same blunders and make their WordPress site better

How to Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Smartphone – check out the codes and the video

Boost website traffic for free – free tips to boost your website

SEO Trends 2017


Why do you need HTTPS and SSL? – this post had a closer look at https

Deploy github project to Heroku with custom domain – this tutorial will show you how to create a github project and then how to deploy the project to Heroku with a custom domain name.

How to Speed up your Android Smartphone – Is your Android phone bit slow?

How to show hidden files Atom sidebar – the post indicate how to show hidden files Atom sidebar


Composer and Github repository – the post will show how to add public git repo as a composer package.

How to reduce website bounce rate – just created a blog definitely check it.

Arrow Functions for Beginners Javascript – the most popular ES6 feature

5 useful htaccess tricks for website migration – 404 error pages = SEO disaster.


Upgrade iPhone with iOS 11 Beta – Upgrade iPhone with iOS 11 Beta.

5 Beginner WordPress SEO Tasks – any newbies bloggers should adapt.

React.js First Attempt – this guide assumes some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

CodePush Experience


What’s new on React 16 – new features, improvements, performance and more

React Native and CodePush Experience – the post will give you my react native and codepush experience insights, as well as some of major issues I came across.


How to get 100 positive feedback in less than a week – the post will share my experience on how to get 100 positive feedback in less than a week on eBay.

Node Js Intro – it’s time for our first node application

Node.js and NPM

How to get 100 positive feedback in less than a week


Build iOS App with React Native and Expo – check the tutorial and the do not miss the video

Android AsyncTask explained – get more in depth about Android Async Task

5 Beginner WordPress SEO Tasks


Android Effective phone number verification

Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Highlights

How to Stop WordPress Asking for FTP details – solve the problem inside AWS terminal.



How to fix briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance in WordPress – It is very annoying and the post shows you How to fix briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance in WordPress.

MySQL Database won’t start in XAMPP Manager-osx –  fix mysql problem now!

Composer and Github repository


Heroku error message no Cedar-supported app detected – the steps I used to solve the problem

Modify Shell Path – macOS Sierra using Terminal

Accessing Amazon EC2 with SFTP –  demonstrate how to access Amazon EC2 via SFTP protocol.

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I would like to thank all users, who visited our website, gave feedback, left comments, and shared it with others. We are truly very thankful. I look forward to add more useful posts and tutorials in 2018.

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